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  • Pickups
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  • Vans/Transporters
  • Tractor Units
  • Tipper Trucks
  • Small Box Vans
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  • Buses

Documentation Service

what do you send by DHL Express?

Answer:The main Documentation you need is called BL or ” Bill of Loading”. This important document shows the name of the person who is authorized to collect the car at the Arrival port. The BL shows Sender’s name (Gizaw Auto Export Service), the Recpient name, Departure and Arrival Ports, Ship name, The shipped Item, Ship Departure date and the arrival date. We also send you the Packing List and the Title of the car. All these documents are sent by DHL Express to the country of destination. If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail.

Which Documentation do you provide?


  • Basic shipping notes
  • way bills
  • packing lists
  • bill of ladings
  • customs documents
  • consular documents arrangement of physical inspection with all inspection companies, such as Bureau Veritas, SGS, Cotechna, Inchape etc. clean reports of findings
  • file submission of full set of documents, either to the bank for L/C or B/C negotiation or to you or your customerby courier service to any port in the world.

General Questions

Can i get another company inspect the car for me first ?

If you want, you can hire independent inspectors to check the car for you. If you are buying an expensive car, you can consider it. One of the companies for doing such business is called SGS. You can visit their website This service is not Free.

Can I send you text message to a mobile phone?

Yes, you can send us text by VIBER or WHATSAPP to our Mobile phone: +49 162 6903682
If you have long questions, you must send e-mail to:

Can you disassemble the car and send us only the parts ?

Sorry, we do not disassemble cars. We export only whole and working cars. You can import the car and disassemble it yourself.

How can i get Invitation Letter to come to Germany?

First of all, in the age of Internet,  it is not necessary to travel to buy truck or car. We can offer you inspected vehicles, then you select. After payment we can ship the vehicles to you. But if you insist on travel, we can issue Iniviation Letter to you. To get invitation Letter you must make commitment that you are coming here to buy vehicles or machines. You must pay 500€ advance deposit. This is advance payment which will be added to the vehicle you are buying. We must verify your company and address. Finally it is the German Embassy in your country who decides on the matter depending on your credibility. If your application is rejected, we will refund you or add your payment to the car you are buying.

I found a Car from other seller cheaper. Why are your prices higher ?

If a car is cheaper from another company,  there maybe a reason for that.  It may have defects. All our cars are inpected to work properly. We have posted our valid References on our Website. If you decide to buy a car from different place we can inspect and ship it for you. Click HERE

I sent you e-mail but i did not get any reply. why ?

Actually we respond to e-mails which receive within 24 hours.
If you have yahoo account, it may be possible that our e-mail landed in bulk or spam box. To look for our e-mail open your Bulk folder and look inside the folder. If you still did not get any e-mail, you can call us or contact us by Whatsap or Viber from your Smartphone. 

I want New Auto Radio with CD Player. Can you supply ?

Yes, we can send you by Post a new Radio Player with CD, Tuner and MP3 player. Please contact us by e-mail, fax or phone.

I want to pay by check or credit card. Is it possible ?

Sorry, we do not accept checks or Credit cards. you can come and buy in person by paying cash, or pay by Bank transfer
to our Company bank account or Western union or Money gram.

I would like to call and talk to you. Do you speak English or French ?

Yes, you can call us. We also speak the English language. If you want French, you can send us E-Mail in French. we can translate and answer you in French.

I would like to come to Germany, buy a car and drive it out of the country. Can you help ?

Yes, we can help you to buy the car. If the car or truck you need is not in our stock, we can source for you. We will also inspect the vehcile for you. We can also register your car with temporary 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 month registration Plate number and Insurance so that you can drive the car inside Germany or take it outside Germany. Otherwise we can ship it for you. Call us or send us e-mail for more information.

If the car transported to port, does it be loaded on same day?

No, the car waits few days or even a week or 2 before it gets loaded. There are thousands of cars and operations at the port which may cause delay. Weather condition may also cause delay. We will inform you when the car is loaded.


In my Country, Independent Company must inspect the cars before shipment. Do you provide such service ?

Yes, we can facilitate such Technical inspection. One of the main Companies doing this is VERITAS Germany. Contact your local visit Most countries do not require this service because the service cost much money. On the other hand we can offer full technical inspection for all vehicles. If you plan to buy a car, truck or any machine from germany. we can make full inspection and report. The cost is determined depending on distance, type of vehicle, cost of vehicle etc...

Is there any Insurance about my car?

Insurance is already included by the shipping company for the total loss or damage of vehicle. This is also well documenetd in the Bill of Lading. According to our experience in the last 16 years, vehicle loss never happened.

We would like to buy machines from Germany. Can you help us?

Yes, Gizaw Auto Export Service,  can assist the buyer to procure any Equipment and Machines in Germany. We also provide independently to  inspect, negotiate and purchase the equipment on behalf of you.

Please contact us.

what does 122k mean?

It means the car has been driven 122,000 KM. Remember this is in KM. 1Mile = 1.625 KM. So Cars in Germany have generally lower mileage than in US, canada or UK.

What is Customs regulation in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia Car Import Tax. Importing Vehicle to Ethiopia.

Ethiopia car import tax is easy but information is not available. Hence importing vehicle into Ethiopia is tough, daunting and downright frustrating. Especially dealing with ethiopia car import rules. We are here to help.

Who can import vehicles into Ethiopia?

First let’s answer the first important question. Who can import cars into Ethiopia? The Ethiopian law allows only the following entities to import vehicles into Ethiopia. That is of course, as long as they satisfy the rest of the requirements.

  1. Licensed import/export businesses entities (dealers) that have trade license in the automotive industry,
  2. Business entities that have investment trade license which endorses vehicles as encouragement,
  3. Diasporas who have been living outside the country for more than five years and moving back home for no return,
  4. Expats who are moving into the country for the first time.

Note: Diasporas and expats are allowed to import only one vehicle.

People and businesses who don’t fall into those four groups should consider using a licensed dealer to import their vehicles. Otherwise your property could be confiscated and your attempt could be punishable.

Now we have have covered the four entities who are allowed to import motor vehicle by low. Let’s move on to the type of taxes imposed on you and amount you are required to pay.

Dealing with ethiopia car import tax – Taxes imposed on importing Vehicle

According to tax proclamation #444 every vehicle imported to Ethiopia is liable to five different taxes unless exempted by law.  These five ethiopia car import tax categories are.

  • Custom Duty,

In simple terms custom duty is tax tax imposed on goods entering and leaving the country. This is true to cars and all kinds of vehicles.

ERCA imposes duty only on imported goods and they have five groups or levels of rate. These levels of rate are 0%, 5%, 10%, 20%, 30% and 35% of CFI which is cost, insurance and Freight of the vehicle.

  • Excise Tax,
  • Value Added Tax (VAT),
  • Sur Tax,
  • Withholding Tax.

Even though everyone is liable for these duties and taxes, everyone pays different amount.  The amount you pay in each of the tax type depends on the type of vehicle you are importing. The next section covers the tax estimation and calculation processes at ERCA (Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority).

Ethiopian Car Tax Estimation and Calculations

Tax estimation depends on a number of factors. We will try to list each factor and clarify this process so everything is easy and simple for you.

  1. Engine power or Cylinder Capacity,
  2. Year of manufacturing,
  3. Amount car is bought.

Source: ERCA

Also available in slides:

What is the procedure to import a Vehicle to Ethopia ?

To import a vehicle to Ethiopia, you must have a License to import cars. If you dont have your own license, you can use our Agent in Ethiopia who can help you to import the car you want. Generally, first you get Invoice then LC must be opened at a local bank in Ethiopia. After LC has been opened,  purchase order will be sent. Our Agent can do all this and import the car or truck for you to Ethiopia.  Please contact Ato Solomon in Addis. tel. 0911 673101

What is your Phone number ?

Our phone numbers are:+49 1626903682 (Whatsapp), +49 163 243 6308,

Facebook messenger: Gizaw Cars . You can also send e-mail to:

How to Buy a Car

Can I come to your show room to buy a car ?

You can gladly come to our show room, however It is not necessary to travel to buy a car. You just order and we can ship it to your destination. However, if you have to come, you can gladly visit our location to buy a car. Please let us know in advance which car or truck you wanted is we make sure it is still available. Our address is: Hafenstr 16, 65439 Floersheim a Main, Germany. Please contact us before you come to make sure the car is still available and  our Garage is open.

Do you export brand new cars?

Yes, we also export brand new cars. We have special agreements with manufactureres to export new cars. Our prices are much lower than any brand new car dealer. We can ship the car to you in a container or by air cargo or you can come and drive the car back. If you are in Europe, you may want to drive the car back. In this case, we can provide with Insurance and Number plates for you. For more information, please call us or send e-mail. whatsap +491626903682

How can I find a Car on your Website ?

First browse the site. Look in the category of vehicles. For example, sedans, small cars, trucks etc...then click on the Picture of the vehicle to see more pictures and read more Descriptions about the car. You can also use our FIND A CAR FORM and submit.  Then we can find you the car you need at the price you can afford. If you dont find a car on our website, send us text message or e-mail or call us. Please tell us what kind of car or truck you need or what is your budget.

I have found a car on another website. Can you test for me?

Yes, it is possible that we can send our Mechanic to inspect and buy the car or truck for you. It is very important that the car be tested before purchase. Please understand there is a cost to travel, inspect the car. We can also ship the car to your country. The cost of transport depends on distance from our location. Please let us know the exact address where the car is located and what kind of car it is. 

To which Airport I must fly ?

If you want to visit us, you fly to Frankfurt am Main Airport. You can take taxi to our address. We can also send a driver to pick you if you inform us in advance.

what is difference between cars in Germany or Dubai ?

Cars in Germany must pass very high efficiency, emission, and crash or safety tests to be sold in Germany. For example, even japanese cars sold in Germany have higher standards and quality than japanese cars sold in Dubai.

What is your address ?

Our address is Hafenstr. 16, Floersheim 65439 Germany. It is about 15 minutes from City of Frankfurt by car or train. Please call us first if you plan to come.


Prices and Payments

How can I make a payment?

when you want to buy any vehicle, you can make payment by direct bank Transfer or by Western union or Money Gram. After you have decided which car you are buying, we will send you Invoice by e-mail.

How much is Duty and Tax to export a car to Ethiopia?

Total Cost of the goods = FOB Cost + Insurance + Freight

Total Cost of the goods x Import Customs Duty = A

(Total Cost of the goods + A) x Excise Tax Rate (If applicable) = B

(Total Cost of the goods + A + B) x VAT = C

(Total Cost of the goods + A + B + C) x Surtax = D

Total Cost of the goods x Withholding Tax = E


Note:There are some goods that may be exempted from one or more of the taxes and duties mentioned above. To find out more, one can visit here to check the HS code, and, here to find an online tax calculator. Both are provided by the Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority.

Some selected goods and taxes and duty applicable on them while importing:

Some imported goods are restricted and require the importer to secure permission from the competent authority.

Here is Duty and taxes applicable on some of major import goods in Ethiopia:

Vehicles, Chemicals, Steel, Petroleum and its products

  1. Vehicles
  • Vehicles with spark–ignition engine of cylinder capacity of 1000-1300cc
  • Unit of measurement: unit
  • Duty Rate: 35%
  • Excise Tax: 30%
  • VAT: 15%
  • Sur Tax: 10%
  • Withholding tax: 3%
  • Vehicles with spark–ignition engine of cylinder capacity of 1300-1800cc
  • Duty Rate: 35%
  • Excise Tax: 60%
  • VAT: 15%
  • Sur Tax: 10%
  • Withholding tax: 3%
  • Vehicles with spark–ignition engine of cylinder capacity greater than 3000cc
  • Duty Rate: 35%
  • Excise Tax: 100%
  • VAT: 15%
  • Sur Tax: 10%
  • Withholding tax: 3%
  • Diesel vehicles with cylinder capacity not exceeding 1300cc
  • Duty Rate: 35%
  • Excise Tax: 30%
  • VAT: 15%
  • Sur Tax: 10%
  • Withholding tax: 3%
  • Diesel vehicles with cylinder capacity of 1300-1500cc
  • Duty Rate: 35%
  • Excise Tax: 60%
  • VAT: 15%
  • Sur Tax: 10%
  • Withholding tax: 3%
  • Motor vehicles for the transport of goods
  • Duty Rate: 10%
  • Excise Tax: 0%
  • VAT: 15%
  • Sur Tax: 0%
  • Withholding tax: 3%
  • Public transport type vehicles (diesel/semi-d) seat capacity greater than or equal to 15 passengers
  • Duty Rate: 10%
  • Excise Tax: 0%
  • VAT: 15%
  • Sur Tax: 0%
  • Withholding tax: 3%


  • Customs Proclamation, No. 622/2009
  • Council of Ministers Regulation No. 133/2007
  • Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority Database.
  • Web:
I like to import a BMW. How much dose it cost ?

This is a very vague question, because there is BMW for 800 Euro and also for 40,000 Euro or more.
We can help you better if you are more specific and tell us how old the car should be, what model whether Petrol or Diesel, whther manual or Automatic or in what price range the car should be. You can fil up the search form on our website so we can find the car for you.

I want to buy two cars, can i get discounts ?

Yes, you can get a discount depending on which cars you want to buy. Please tell us exactly which cars so we can answer in details. If you buy more than 1 car, discount is 5%.

I would like to give you a project to search for vehicles to buy. what is the cost ?

We can definetely help you to find the vehicle you need. We can send our mechanic travel to the vehicle location, inspect the vehicle on your behalf and make a report to you. This involves ofcourse some cost depending on the distance.
We can also arrange to ship the vehicle to your country. If you have any particular question, just contact us.

What is Duty of car import in Ghana?

   Before proceeding with the actual calculations, note the following taxes levied on vehicles in Ghana

  • Import duty ………………………….. ………..5, 10 or 20% of CIF value of a car
  • Import VAT……………………………………. 12.5% of duty inclusive value (CIF + duty)
  • NHIL (Health insurance levy)…………..  5% of duty inclusive value
  • Examination fee……….………………………1% of CIF value
  • ECOWAS development levy…… …………5% of CIF value
  • Export development (EDIF) levy……. 0.5% of CIF value

Also the rate of  Import duty levied on a car is dependent on certain factors

Vehicles with cylinder capacity not exceeding 1900cc     ……………                       5% of CIF value as duty

Vehicles designed to carry 10 or more persons eg mini van   ………..                   5% of CIF value

Vehicles designed for transport of goods eg trucks, tipper  ……..…..                   Also 5% of CIF value

Vehicles with cylinder capacity more than 1900cc but less than 3000cc …….…  10%

Those with more than 3000cc cylinder capacity                                       ……..    20%

Vehicles designed to carry more than 30 persons eg buses ……..……. 0% rate of duty.

You can calculate your Duty on the Link below.

For other countries, you must contact your Embassy or Customs office of of your country.

Shipping Questions

Can I get my car being sent by Air cargo ?

Yes we can arrange Air Cargo Service for you. It is very safe and the car will reach your country in the same day. Please send us to which Country you want to send so we can offer your Prices.

Can I load the car with Goods?

PORT of ANTWERP NEW RULES for Cargo Acceptance
As from December the 5th, the new rules, announced below, will be implemented!
we will no longer accept vehicles loaded with additional cargo inside
(ALL units must be empty):
‐ Cars, Small vans and Big vans
‐ Passenger vehicles/busses, designed for people carriage
‐ Used cars / small vans / big vans stacked on top/inside of trucks and/or trailers
The only items allowed to be loaded in the trunk of the vehicle are items inherent to the vehicle:
‐ 1 spare tyre, 1 jack, small set of tools, fire extinguisher, Fluo warning vest and warning
Trucks/RoRo High and Heavy Class, as per 12 March 2021
No byload is allowed regardless of the fact that the vehicle has a cargo compartment whether
closed (e.g. box truck, curtain side trailer) or open (e.g. flat bed trailer, tipper) –
the only items allowed are items inherent to the vehicle (1‐2 spare wheel(s) / small set of tools /
fire extinguisher / warning vest / signs) and/or for its designed exploitation purpose (e.g.
firetrucks water hoses – bucket/arms for road building equipment – forks for cargo handling
equipment, etc.)
The ONLY permissible and allowed cargo to be stacked inside or on top are fully assembled
vehicles together with limited accessories inherent to these vehicles as already detailed above
in points 1 and 2.
It is allowed that the stacked vehicles have their wheels dismantled/removed and other parts (e.g.
aero diffuser/spoiler) which must be stacked/lashed and secured in a seaworthy manner on top of
the vehicle.
IMPORTANT that the stacked vehicles contain no byload, their batteries disconnected and their
fuel tanks empty.
General remarks
Any byload found in vehicles must be recycled in line with the ports, local and/or international
environmental rules and regulations prior to entry to terminal at the cost of the owner.
Any vehicles in cargo compartments (and limited accessories as detailed) have to be
inspectable in a safe manner – safely/seaworthy stacked / lashed & secured and
corresponding to all current safety/maritime/environmental rules and regulatio

Can you ship a container?

yes, we can ship container or bulky goods.

Please contact us by e-mail or whatsap. +491626903682

Do you provide CARGOX for Egypt ?

yes, we have CARGOX  Service. Please contact us.

whatsap +491632436308

Do you ship cars to Egypt?

yes, we can also ship to Egypt. We ship to Alexandria Port. Please contact us and let us know what kind of car you want to ship. W can also sell cars at low cost. If you bought a car or truck from another seller, we can inspect and ship the car for you.

Do you ship cars to the Middle ast ?

Yes, we can ship cars and trucks to all countries in the Middle East.

Please contact us. whatsap +491626903682

How can I track the Documents shipment ?

you can track the Document shipment online. Look at real example below. After you receive the tracking number from us, you go to and track it.

Date and time – Status
DHL Facility Location
1/10/2008 11:59 am Shipment delivered in
Freetown, Sierra Leone.
8:15 am With delivery courier.
Freetown, Sierra Leone
1/9/2008 9:45 pm
Arrived at DHL facility.
Freetown, Sierra Leone
9:24 pm
Depart Facility Freetown, Sierra Leone
9:02 pm
Transit through DHL facility
Freetown, Sierra Leone
1/8/2008 11:15 pm
Depart Facility
Abidjan, Cote D’ivoire 10:50 pm
Processed at DHL Location.
Abidjan, Cote D\’ivoire
10:07 pm
Transit through DHL facility
Abidjan, Cote D’ivoire
7:06 pm
Depart Facility Lagos, Nigeria
2:58 pm
Transit through DHL facility
Lagos, Nigeria 4:23 am
Depart Facility Brussels, Belgium
1/7/2008 9:55 pm
Transit through DHL facility
Frankfurt, Germany 9:03 pm
Depart Facility Frankfurt, Germany 7:13 pm
Processed at DHL Location.
Frankfurt, Germany 6:12 pm
Departing origin. Frankfurt, Germany 4:52 pm
Shipment picked up from Gizaw Export Service
Frankfurt, Germany

How long does it take to ship the car after I have paid ?

After your payment has been confirmed, we transport your car to the port for shipment. Generally it takes about 10 days to be loaded under normal conditions.
We send you the documents by DHL Express after the cars is loaded onto the ship.

I am ethiopian and I live in canada. I want to send a car to Ethiopia. What are the requirements?

It is our Job to export cars to Africa and also Ethiopia.
Ethiopia has special requirements to import cars than other countries.
LC must be opened in Ethiopia. That means, a person with Import License must go to bank and pay some money.
You must have a Recipeint in ethiopia. Maybe yourself, your father or your sister etc….
If you dont know anyone, we can arrange this for you. The rest of the money for the car must be paid to us directly. Shipping cost for the car
can be paid in Addis Abeba or in Advance to us. In order to open LC, we must prepare Proforma Invoice and send it to the person in Addis.
After we shipped the car, we send the documents to the recipient in Addis so he can get the car.
Ford Fiesta. year 2002, 4 doors, 5 passengers seats in very good condition cost about 6500 Euro.
Transport cost to Port: 200 Euro
Port Charges in Germany: 175 Euro
Shipping cost from Germany to Djibouti: 750 Euro (can be paid in Addis or in advance )
Documentation and DHL express cost: 80 Euro
From Djibouti to Addis: about 200 Euro (to be paid in Addis)

I have purchased a car from another Dealer in Germany. Can you pick it and ship it?

Yes, we can pick the car and ship it for you. The charge of transporation depends on the distance where the car is located. We send a driver to check the car, and also its documentations. We charge 1€ per KM. Shipping cost stay the same. Look for Shipping cost on our website.

I live in Australia and want to send a car for my brother in Gabon. Can you send the copy of the documents to me ?

If you have paid for the car, we can send the copy of the documents to you, but the original document will be sent to the recipient in Gabon.

I live in UK. Can you ship a car to another country on my behalf ?

Yes, we have many clients who live in UK or USA , Canada or Australia who order cars from us and ship to Africa or the Middle east. For example, to ship a car from USA to West Africa would cost 3000 US Dollars. Shipping from Germany to most West African destinations would cost only about $680 US Dollars because the distance is not far. That means you can save and buy 2 more small cars for the money. We also have bank account in USA, so you can pay there easily also.

I want to send a Vehicle to Ghana. How old should the car be ?

You can import any vehicle to Ghana, however cars newer than 10 years have less duty.

Infact you can go both ways. newer cars cost more and have less duty. Older cars cost more but have more duty.

There is no any duty for trucks and buses. For more information, please contact your customs office in Accra or Port of Tema. or Contact our Agent in Ghana.

What is CNCA Document for Angola?

CNCA certificate (Conselho Nacional de Carregadores) is a Loading Certificate (LC) which is a compulsory document for all commercial shipments to Angola since 28/01/1994 (Decree no. 19/94). To isue CNCA document, the following documents are required.

1- Bill of lading 2- commercial invoice and 3- DU document

What is DU Document ?

DU is an import license document which has to be provided by the importer in Angola, please check with your importer to get the DU document.

If you plan to buy or ship a car, contact us +49 162 690 3682  (whatsap) 

What is the cost of shipping a car?

Shipping cost depends on country of destination. Shipping cost is found on our webiste under Car Finder.

Which documents are you sending by DHL ?

The most important documnt is the BL(Bill of Lading). This document is produced only after the vehicle is loaded into the ship. We also send you Certificate of Title of the car and receipt of your payment. After the documents are sent, you will also get the DHL number so you can track it from the DHL website.

which documetnts are required after car arrived in my country?

After the car has been shipped, we will notify you on what day and which ship the vehicle is transported. We also send you the Bill of Loading Documents via DHL Express Airmail to the address you have specified. This document authorizes you to get your vehicle. The name of the people on the document must be the same who collects the vehicle.

Technical Questions

How can I find HS Codes for my product?

HS Codes (Harmonized codes) are found in the link below.

I ordered a car and received it, but the battery was low. why ?

This can happen if the car was parked for a long time and due to long sea freight and there are few accessories which consume power like clock, alarm or computer. You can easily recharge the battery or change a battery. Make sure there is enough fuel in the car.

what are Off Road vehicles?

Off Road vehicles are 4 wheel drive vehicles. Examples of OffRoad vehicles are Jeep Cherokee, Toyota Land Cruiser or BMW X5.

What form of inspection is performed on the vehicles before shipment ?

First of all we check the Documentation of the vehicle and if the vehicle has proper registration and title.
Then we inspect engine performance, transmission, head lights, brakes, brake lights, tyres, turn signals, doors, all fluids including engine oil, transmission oil, brake oil, power steering, Radiator cooler etc…and we can offer to fix and repair first if anything is missing or defective.

All our cars are driveable and shipping lines do not accept cars for shipment which do not operate.

what is LHD ?

LHD means Left Hand Drive.  It means the steering wheel is on the left side. In few countries like UK, Australia and Japan vehicle are RHD (Right hand Drive). All our cars are LHD. 

What is the condition of the cars you sell ?

As stated on our first page, all our cars are perfectly inspected to be in good working conditions. We do not export accident cars or vehciles with dead engines. German people are car enthusiasts, so they maintain their cars very well. German Motor vehcile law is also very strict so cars must have minimum standards before they are permitted on the road.

what is the Inspection system ?

Gizaw Left Hand Cars Comprehensive Inspection and Test System for Vehicles.

1-Transmission or clutch
2-Engine Power performance
3-Brakes - Front and Rear
4-Shock absorbers
5-Heater and Air Condition
6-Instruments Controls
7-The Steering
8-Headlights and fog lights
9-Back-up lights
10-Interior lights
11-Turn signals and Flashers
12-Fluid level/condition
13-Drive belt or Chain
14-The Car Battery
15-Engine compression
16-Charging system or Alternator
17-Fuel Pump
18-Ignition system
19-On Board Computer systems
20-Air Condition
22-Engine mounts
23-The Transmission mounts
24-Power strering Fluid
25-Engine Oil
28-Drive axles
29-CV joints
30-The whole Exhaust system
31-Rear axle

What kind of vehicles do you export ?

We export virtually all kind of vehicles, including buses, vans and trucks. The most known brands are Mercedes Benz, BMW, VW, Opel, Volvo, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Peugeot, Scania, Audi, Renault, Iveco etc. Truck models, Dumpers, refrigerator trucks, head trucks and Box trucks. You can see the pictures on our website. If you can not find what you are looking for, send us text or mail.

Which Electric car charge fastest?
Rank EV Make/Model AC Charge
DC Fast
Charge Rate
1 Porsche Taycan Plus 33 mph 650 mph 8.80/10
2 Kia EV6 Long Range 2WD 32 mph 650 mph 8.55/10
3 Mercedes EQS 580 4MATIC 33 mph 490 mph 8.37/10
4 Tesla Model Y Long Range Dual Motor 34 mph 370 mph 8.25/10
5 Hyundai IONIQ 5 Long Range 2WD 31 mph 580 mph 8.14/10
6 Audi e-tron GT quattro 29 mph 640 mph 7.92/10
7 Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor 33 mph 340 mph 7.79/10
8 BMW i4 M50 31 mph 370 mph 7.57/10
9 Volkswagen ID.3 Pro Performance* 35 mph 300 mph 7.16/10
10 CUPRA Born*
Which standard parts are included in the vehicle ?

The common standard accessories included are: Car keys, Spare Tire, Jack, manual for the Vehicle, Emergency Kit(Law in Germany), Radio and cassette. Most cars come with extra 4 tires.

Which vehicles are German made ?

The original German made cars are: Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, Opel, VW, Audi and Maybach.