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  • Roadsters/Coupes
  • Estate/Station Wagons
  • Sedans/Limousines
  • Pickups
  • Small Cars
  • SUV/4X4
  • Vans/Transporters
  • Tractor Units
  • Tipper Trucks
  • Small Box Vans
  • Heavy Trucks
  • Machines/Equipment
  • Closed Vans
  • Buses

Find LHD (Left Hand Drive) Vehicles

First you search and select a car from our website.  There are 4 ways to buy any vehicle.

1- The fastest and easiest way is to search on our website. To see details about the car click on the picture.
To search online, please follow the instructions. After you submit your order, you will receive Invoice by e-mail. Then you make payment by bank Transfer.
Sorry, we do not accept credit cards, checks or debit cards. If you have problems to buy online, contact us.
If you dont find the vehicle you need on our website, fill up Find a Car Form and submit. Or send us Text on whatsap.

2. Or you can come to our Garage to buy and pay in Cash. After you buy it, we can ship it for you or you can drive it. To drive the car to another country, we can arrange Plate Number and Insurance for you. For example whe have clients who come from Australia, Canada, USA buy small car drive it all of europe for weeks and
we buy them the cars back. This is more cost effective than renting from Car Rental company.
Please let us know in advance if you like to visit us and when you are coming and for which car We must make sure the car is still available.

3-You can also contact us by phone, text or e-mail. Save our Phone number and send us whatsap +49 1626903682

4- we can search and find cars from other dealers for you. We inspect the cars, buy and ship it for you.

 If the car you need is on our website, you can order and fill up the Find a Car form. After we receive the order form, we suggest the vehicle (car or Truck). Af you agree, we send you Invoice by e-mail or Fax.

We need to know name of buyer, address of buyer and phone number. We also need to know the name and address of recipient.
Please tell us also to whom the documents should be sent. These documents are sent by DHL express and are important to receive the vehicle at the destination port. 

If you do not find a car what you need on our website, then send us e-mail and tell us what kind of car you need so we can find it for you.

1-You must register and create account online to tell us the Name of buyer, address and to which country to be shipped.
2-Then you get Proforma Invoice including shipping cost by e-mail or Fax.
3-You make your payment by Bank wire transfer. Sorry, we do not accept credit cards and cheques.
  If you want to make payment by Western Union, or Money Gram please contact us.
4-After we receive payment, we book the vehcile for shipment. We inform you on which date and on which ship the vehicle is loaded and expected arrival day.
5-We dispatch the Documentations via DHL Express and we will send you the tracking number.
6-You or the Recipient (Consignee) gets the car at the destination port.

 If you plan to buy a car from a different place, our Mechanic will inspect and make sure the car is perfect and the seller is Genuine before you lose money.

We can also buy any car or truck on your behalf.

Gizaw Auto Expport Comprehensive Inspection and Test System for Vehicles.

1-Transmission or clutch
2-Engine Power performance
3-Brakes - Front and Rear
4-Shock absorbers
5-Heater and Air Condition
6-Instruments Controls
7-The Steering
8-Headlights and fog lights
9-Back-up lights
10-Interior lights
11-Turn signals and Flashers
12-Fluid level/condition
13-Drive belt or Chain
14-The Car Battery
15-Engine compression
16-Charging system or Alternator
17-Fuel Pump
18-Ignition system
19-On Board Computer systems
20-Air Condition 
22-Engine mounts
23-The Transmission mounts
24-Power strering Fluid
25-Engine Oil
28-Drive axles
29-CV joints
30-The whole Exhaust system
31-Rear axle etc....

For more information, please read Questions and Answers on our Website. Read also our Terms and Conditions.




+49 162 690 3682  send Whatsapp text message.