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Find a Truck and Truck Inspection Service

We can find the type of Truck for you in Germany! If you already found the vehicle on another website, we can test, inspect and ship the vehicle for you. It is very important that the vehicle being inspected by our professional mechanics. Our Mechanic will test, make comprehensive inspection including Road test, ship the vehicle for you and provide Full Documentation. Please fill up the form and click on Find a car button below. You can also search the vehicle you need on in Germany. After you find the car you need, let us know whcih vehicle it is so we can inspect, test and verify the correctness of the offer and provide shipping service. If the vehicle is in good condition, we can buy for you or if the car has problems, we will inform you accordingly. Please understand there is cost to drive and test the vehicle depending on the distance from our garage. The following truck test including Documentation check will be performed.

1-Engine Performance including Road test
2-Transmission or Clutch (Manual or Automatic)
3-Retarder and Brakes - Front and Rear
4-Shock absorbers
5-Air Condition and internal Ventilation
6-Instruments Controls
7-The Steering
8-Headlights and fog lights
9-Back-up lights
10-Interior lights
11-Turn signals and Flashers
12-Fluid level/condition
13-Drive belt or Chain
14-The Alternator and Car Battery
15-Engine compression
16-Charging system or Alternator
17-Fuel Pump
18-Ignition system
19-On Board Computer systems
20-Air Condition 
22-Engine mounts
23-The Transmission mounts
24-Power strering Fluid
25-Engine Oil
28-Drive axles
29-CV joints
30-The whole Exhaust system
31-Rear axle
32- Operation of wheel Formula (4X2, 4X4, 6X2, 6X4, 6X6, 8X4, 8X6, 8X8)
33- Depending on type of truck, the functionalities will be tested. For example refrigeration for refrigerator truck, Tipper mechanism for dumper of tipper trucks etc....

Gizaw Auto Expport Comprehensive Inspection and Test System for Vehicles which includes Drive Test.

Or Fill up the Form HERE directly. 

  • Tractor Units
  • Tipper Trucks
  • Small Box Vans
  • Heavy Box Trucks
  • Concrete Mixers
  • Closed Vans
  • Big Buses
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