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Terms & Conditions

Anyone who imports Vehicle/s from Gizaw Auto Export Service agrees to the Terms and Conditions below.

Gizaw Auto Export Service (herein refered as G.A.E.S.) is vehicle exporter and broker exclusively setup in export business registered in Germany.

G.A.E.S. believes and practices equal fundamental relationship with customers which must be built on mutual respect and trust.
To view the G.A.E.S. Fair Business practices, click HERE

1-Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability
G.A.E.S. reserves the right, at its discretion, from time to time to make changes to its products and these terms and conditions at anytime.

Any person is liable and must agree to the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS to perfom any business with Gizaw Auto Export Service. The Buyer shall be responsible for complying with any legislation or regulations governing the importation of the Goods into the country of destination and for the payment of any duties on them. The Buyer shall be responsible for arranging for testing and inspection of the Goods at the Seller's premises if necessary before shipment. The Seller shall have no liability for any claim in respect of any defect in the Goods which would be apparent on inspection and which is made after shipment, or in respect of any damage during transit.

The Total price to be paid to G.A.E.S. would be the Vehicle Price + Transportation Cost to Port + Documentation and DHL Express Fee + Shipping Cost unless otherwise agreed in writing or unless indicated on the invoice. The seller has the right to determine the price for his Items and services. Standard Insurance for total loss or total damage is included in the shipping cost. The buyer can buy extra insurance to cover special coverage for high cost vehicles.

Upon submission of proper invoices, Buyer shall pay the Order price, shipping cost and documentation cost set forth within 10 business days after Invoice has been sent. G.A.E.S. is free to remarket the vehicle if we do not receive the payment within 10 business days. The customer must send a fax of bank receipt after payment has been completed and it validates the contract. If in case the car ordered has any problems which were witnessed before transport to port, there will be no refunds. Instead a vehicle of same or better value be replaced.

G.A.E.S has published the ship schedules on its website. The schedule can change at any time due to logistics, snow or bad weather conditions without prior notification.All shipments will be by Ocean Freight unless otherwise agreed in writing. The shipping lines can change announced shipping dates due to traffic, load, technical or ocean conditions.

6-Documentation and DHL Express
G.A.E.S must send proper documentations (BL) after the vehicle has been shipped via Postal Service or DHL. This document will enable the customer to collect the car at the port of destination country. Documentation and DHL Express cost to any country is 75 Euro.

The buyer is supposed to pay all necessary custom fees and charges to collect the vehicle in the country of destination.

8-Cancellation of order
G.A.E.S. hold the right to cancel the order and sell the vehicle if:

8.1 Payment has not been received within 10 working days after Invoice has been sent via Fax or E-Mail.

8.2 a Force Majeure event occurs (please see the definition in the Definition below;)

8.3 you materially breach any term of the Contract, including failure to make any payments when due; or

8.4 customer fails, within 14 days of being asked to do so, to provide an address for the Delivery of the Car.

8.5 If customer cancels order and request refund for a legitimate reason within 10 days after payment is completed, G.A.E.S. has the right to deduct service charge, parking fees, insurance charges, any taxes and transportation cand storage harges which shall not exceed 30% of total payment. All refunds will be sent to customer's bank Account by swift transfer.

8.6 G.A.E.S can not refund if customer changes his mind 10 days after vehicle has been purchased because high cost of local transportation charges, driver charges, fuel charges, storage charges and taxes.
 That means vehicle will be shipped to the buyer. 

8.7 If customer buys a vehicle and wants to pick the car him/herself, he must pick the car within 10 days. After 15 days grace period, there will be 10 Euro storage charge and 20€ for truck per day. G.A.E.S. has the right to sell the car or truck if it has not been picked up within 2 months.

9-Change of Order
The Original ordered Item in the Invoice may change. If

9.1. vehicle is found to be defective before shipment. In this case a replacement vehicle with same value will be provided. The customer will be notified about the replacement.

9.2. the customer did not make payment within 10 days of receiving Invoice. If payment is not received within 10 days, the vehicle maybe sold.

The customer is obliged to pay a storage and parking fee, bank fees, insurance fees,  and transportation costs to port of departure if he/she cancels order within 10 days after payment was made. Storage fee is 10Euro per day for standard cars and 15Euro for heavy vehicles and trucks.

The seller will provide BL(Bill of Lading), packing list including details of the vehicle shipped. The documentation will be sent via DHL express unless otherwise agreed. Bill of lading documents come from the port after vehicles are loaded on ship.

12. Complaints
If customer has any complaints, he or she should contact G.A.E.S. in writing and explain clearly the matter before the vehicle is shipped. The customer must describe the requirements in writing. Pictures will be sent to the customer regarding the Vehicle. All vehicles to be shipped are in complete working conditions. Non driveable cars can not be loaded and shipped. If for whatever reason a car was damaged after shipment, the Insurance will cover it so the buyer should contat the Insurance directly. G.A.E.S can not be responsible for any claims after cars are shipped. The vehicles can NOT be returned and there is no any Refund. 
G.A.E.S and Shipping Lines can only be responsible if the car was completely damaged or lost during transport.
If any dispute or difference is not resolved by one of these procedures within 28 days of the parties entering into it, or if either party refuses to participate in it,a professional Arbitrator would be involved to resolve the dispute.

13.Governing Law and Jurisdiction
In the event of any dispute or difference arising between the parties which cannot be resolved through negotiation and arbitration, then customer and G.A.E.S. hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the German Court, provided that buyer must bring court proceedings in Germany.