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Car Shipping to Africa

what do you send by DHL Express? Which Documentation do you provide? General Questions Can i get another company inspect the car for me first ? Can I send you text message to a mobile phone? Can you disassemble the car and send us only the parts ? How can i get Invitation Letter to come to Germany? I found a Car from other seller cheaper. Why are your prices higher ? I sent you e-mail but i did not get any reply. why ? I want New Auto Radio with CD Player. Can you supply ? I want to pay by check or credit card. Is it possible ? I would like to call and talk to you. Do you speak English or French ? I would like to come to Germany, buy a car and drive it out of the country. Can you help ? If the car transported to port, does it be loaded on same day? In my Country, Independent Company must inspect the cars before shipment. Do you provide such service ? Is there any Insurance about my car? We would like to buy machines from Germany. Can you help us? what does 122k mean? What is the procedure to import a Vehicle to Ethopia ? What is your Phone number and Fax ? How to Buy a Car Can I come to your show room to buy a car ? Do you export brand new cars? How can I find a Car on your Website ? I have found a car on another website. Can you test for me? To which Airport I must fly ? what is difference between cars in Germany or Dubai ? What is your address ? Prices and Payments How can I make a payment? How much is Duty and Tax to export a car to Ethiopia? I like to import a BMW. How much dose it cost ? I want to buy two cars, can i get discounts ? I would like to give you a project to search for vehicles to buy. what is the cost ? What is Duty of car import in Ghana? Shipping Questions Can I get my car being sent by Air cargo ? How can I track the Documents shipment ? How long does it take to ship the car after I have paid ? I am ethiopian and I live in canada. I want to send a car to Ethiopia. What are the requirements? I have purchased a car from another Dealer in Germany. Can you pick it and ship it? I live in Australia and want to send a car for my brother in Gabon. Can you send the copy of the documents to me ? I live in UK. Can you ship a car to another country on my behalf ? I want to send a Vehicle to Ghana. How old should the car be ? What is the cost of shipping a car? Which documents are you sending by DHL ? which documetnts are required after car arrived in my country? Technical Questions I ordered a car and received it, but the battery was low. why ? what are Off Road vehicles? What form of inspection is performed on the vehicles before shipment ? what is LHD ? What is the condition of the cars you sell ? what is the Inspection system ? What kind of vehicles do you export ? Which standard parts are included in the vehicle ? Which vehicles are German made ?