Travel to Germany to buy Vehicles, Equipment or Machines.
Eventhough it is not necessary to travel to Germany to buy  any vehicle or machine, we do however provide the possibility upon request.

Gizaw Auto Export Service, herein referred as Agent can assist the buyer to procure the Vehicles, Equipment and Machines in Germany.
If the client requires a Visa to travel to Germany, the Agent can apply for an Invitation Letter to the client to travel to Germany for the sole purpose of doing the business.
The minimum amount for the value of goods or equipment shall not be less than 10,000€.
The client must present proper credentials of his/her business and the invitation Letter must be approved by Germany Embassy.
The Agent will inspect, negotiate and purchase the equipment on behalf of the client.
The Agent will also facilitate shipment of the vehicles or equipment to final country of destination and provide proper documentation from shipping Lines.
The client is responsible for Hotel and accomodation during a stay in Germany.
The Agent can provide transporation, driver and translation service for travel within Germany to visit the goods and discuss with potential sellers.

If you are interested to engage in such business travel or have any question, please contact us in writing. Please send e-mail to:

invitation letter