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Documentation Service top 

Which Documentation do you provide?
We provide:

1-Shipping notes
2-Way bills
3-Packing lists
4-Bill of Lading Document
5-Customs documents
6-Consular documents arrangement of physical inspection with all inspection companies, such as Bureau Veritas, SGS, Cotecna, Inchape etc. clean reports of findings
7- Submission of full set of documents, either to the bank for L/C or B/C negotiation or to you or your customer by
courier service to any port in the world. We are using DHL Express to send Documents to the Recipient or to the Buyer.

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Which Documentation do I need to collect my car?
The main Documentation you need is called " Bill of Lading". This important document shows the name of the person who is authorized to collect the car at the Arrival port. The BL shows Sender's name (Gizaw cars and Trucks Export Service), the Recipient name, Departure and Arrival Ports, Ship name, Detailed of the shipped Item, Ship Departure date and time and the arrival date.

To see example of BL click HERE

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How to buy a car top 

Why are some vehicle descriptions in German Language?
Some of the descriptions are in German language because these are advertised by private customers.
If you did not understand, just contact us so we can tell you all the details in English.
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Are all the cars in the same location?
The cars are found in the same area but not in the same location. Some of them are from our partners and private sellers. We take the responsibility to inspect and ship the cars for you. If you have any questions, please contact us.
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How Can I order a Car from the website?
You need to search a car. Click on the "search cars" link and choose the criterias. You can choose according to car brand (BMW, Nissan etc...), Price range, manufacture year, manual or automatic gear etc...and the click on "search cars" link. You must click on "model" field to find out which models are listed.  If the car you searched is available, cars will be listed. Otherwise you get "0" result. If you get "0" result, then you should search again with other criterias. The price you get does NOT include the shipping cost.

If the car you order is on our website, just click on "Order Now", then click on checkout. Then Continue and place an orer. At this time you will be asked for your e-mail address and password. If you do not have account, you should create a new account. You must fill up the buyer's address and Recipient or destination address.

To confirm your e-mail address, activation link will be sent to you via e-mail. So go to your e-mail and click on the link which you have received. Only after this point we can process your order. If the shipping address is different than the buyer's address, you can change it or send us e-mail with the correct name and address.

After you submit it, you will receive Invoice. Here you have 2 options. First option is that to pay for the car or truck you have ordered immediately. The second option is to pay for the vehicle and shipping cost at the same time. You should print the Invoice and take it to your Bank. After you have paid, send us the Bank Receipt by Fax or scanned as email. We will then ship your car and send you the documents. If you have problems or questions, contact us by e-mail, phone or send us Fax at +496145 596730

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Do you export brand new cars?
Yes, we also export brand new cars. We have special agreements with manufactureres to export new cars. Our prices are much lower than any brand new car dealer. We can ship the car to you in a container or by airplane or you can come and drive the car back. If you are in Europe, you may want to drive the car back. In this case, we wil provie with Insurane and Number plates for you. or more information, please call us or send e-mail or fax.
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General Questions top 

How can I buy a car which I have not seen?
This is Internet Business. Internet is the newest technology which brings the services and products directly to you very easily. Gizaw is the name you can trust. Gizaw is trusted name and very confident to put his own name in the internet. E-Commerce is a multi million business for ordering and buying any thing you can think of. We are trusted and registered business so you have nothing to afraid about. You will get the pictures and specifications of the vehicle you buy. We have listed our business and you have legal contract with us when you order and pay for your vehicle. Please read our terms and conditions on our website. We make sure that you are satisfied with your car or truck and we want to serve you more. If you still want to come and see the vehicle, you can do so. Just call us or send us fax or e-mail and make appointment. We make sure the car you want is there for you.
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Do you post all References?
Sorry we can not publish all References due to privacy reasons. Some customers do not want their names to be published.
If your countrry is not listed, contact us.

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What is your Phone Number and Fax?
Our phone numbers are:+49 162 690 3682, +49 163 243 6308,  Fax Number: +49 6145 596 730
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What is the difference between your company and other sellers in the internet?
The main difference is that we do not just sell cars, we also organize to ship your car for you. We do also make sure that your car is very perfect. We have databases of many reliable businesses so we test the car or truck for you before shipment. We are registsred business and also trusted sourcing company in Germany. That means we find the best car at the price you can afford for you. We are the only company who list the References on our Website. That will help you to build confidence in our company.
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What does 122K mean?
It means the car has been driven 122,000 KM. Remember this is KM. 1Mile = 1.625 KM. So Cars in Germany have generally lower mileage than in US, canada or UK.
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Is there any Insurance?
Insurance is already included by the shipping company for the total loss of vehicle. This is also well documenetd in the Bill of Lading. According to our experience in the last 11 years, vehicle loss never happened.
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I would like to come to Germany to buy a car and drive it out of the country. Can you help?
Yes, we can help you to do so. We can also register your car with temporary 15 days,  1 month or 3 months registration Plate number and Insurance so that you can drive the car inside Germany or in Europe. Call us for more information or send us e-mail.

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I would like to call and talk you. Do you speak english?
Yes, you can call us. We also speak the english language.
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I want a New Auto Radio with CD player. Can you supply?
Yes, we can send you by Post a new Radio Player with CD, Tuner and MP3 player. Please contact us by e-mail, fax or phone.
In most cars we install new CD, Radio and MP3 Player. We send then teh face or the detachable part of the CD player by post together with documents for safetly reasons.
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How can I find a Car on your Website?
Click Search a car and  browse the site. Search according to various criterias. For example, car brand, petrol or diesel, price range you can afford or how much you want to spend or how old the car should be.
Click on the Picture to read more Descriptions about the car.

Do not forget shipping cost must be added on top of the car price.

Once you selected a car, you must checkout to complete. You must register with your correct name and e-mail address.
You must accept terms and conditions to continue. If you are a new customer, you will get e-mail with activation link.
if you are existing customer or have already regisetred, you just login is with your user name and password.

So go back to your email and confirm your e-mail. Your e-mail addres smust be confirmed so we can process your order.

After we get your order, we will send you the Invoice including the shipping cost. Once you get the Invoice per e-mail or fax, you print the the Proforma Invoice to your bank and make Bank Swift transfer.
Then you should send us your Bank receipt by fax.

We will  ship your car and documentations. Then  inform you about it when to collect it.

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In my Country, Independent Company must inspect the cars before shipment. Do you provide such service?
Yes, we can facilitate such inspection. One of the main Companies doing this is VERITAS Germany. Contact your local visit Most countries do not require this service because the service cost money.
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What is the procedure to import a vehicle to Ethiopia?
To import a vehicle to Ethiopia, you must have a License to import cars. If you dont have your own license, you can use our Agent in Ethiopia who can help you to import the car you want. Generally, first you get Invoice then CAD must be opened at a local bank in Ethiopia. After you opened CAD (Cash against Document) purchase order, then you must send us the purchase order. Our Agent can Explain to you. Please cointafct Dr. Abebe Mulugeta. Tel. 09-40 5008
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I sent you e-mail but I did not get any response. why?
Actually we respond to e-mails which receive from customers.
If you have yahoo account, it may be possible that our e-mail landed in bulk or spam box. To look for our e-mail open your Bulk folder and look inside the folder. If you still did not get any e-mail, you can call us or send a fax. The best way is to add our e-mail address into our contact address book. you can also the following e-mail address:
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I found a car from other seller cheaper. Why are your prices higher?
Other sellers may attract you with cheaper prices because the cars are most probably defective. We repair and fix cars before we ship them. First of all, we warn you not to buy a car from any one who has no References and a private person.
We are registered business and the only company who have posted our valid References on our Website.

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Can you disassemple the car and send us only the parts?
Sorry, we do not disassemble cars. We export only whole and working cars. You can import the car and disassemble it yourself.
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Can I get another company inspect the car for me first?
If you want, you can hire independent inspectors to check the car or truck for you. One of the companies for doing such business is called SGS or Veritas. You can visit their website
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Can I chat with you?
Chat may help to give you fast answer for simple questions. Otherwise, you should send us e-mail or call us. We are not on the computer all day. You may have to leave a message. You may be able to chat with one of our Sales People on Yahoo Messenger during our working hours. Our Yahoo ID is: vehicle_export
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References & Agents top 

We would like to resell your vehicles in our country. How can you support us?
If you are interested to market our vehicles in your country, we have special program for you.

1-You recommend or refer us to the customers then we pay you commission for every car or truck sold.

2-We will setup a website for you so that you can offer directly to your customers. Your customers will never know about us and you control the website completely and change the prices as you wish.

Call us or send us e-mail.

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Please tell me any Reference from Nigeria who imported your Vehicle
You can contact Mr. Pedro. He can also assist you to clear your car in Lagos.

Ighodaro Osawaru Pedro (Clearing Specialist in Lagos)
De-Leader's Investment Limited
10 Aerodrome Road,
Lagos State
Phone: +2348067109561,+2348053078472