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  • Roadsters/Coupes
  • Estate/Station Wagons
  • Sedans/Limousines
  • Pickups
  • Small Cars
  • SUV/4X4
  • Vans/Transporters
  • Tractor Units
  • Tipper Trucks
  • Small Box Vans
  • Heavy Trucks
  • Machines/Equipment
  • Closed Vans
  • Buses

Increase of Operating Costs


Due to continuously escalating operating costs, covid related ship delays and huge overall cost increases, GRIMALDI LINES needs to increase ALL rates for ALL European ports of loading for ALL destinations in West-Africa. THIS INCREASE IS EFFECTIVE AS PER DELIVERIE DATE ON/FROM 06-12-2021 all deliveries on/before 03-12-2021 will be invoiced for the”old” rates! CARS: +€ 40,00 per unit SMALL VANS: +€ 50,00 per unit BIG VANS: +€100,00 per unit TRUCKS CAT.: +€ 40,00 per linear meter Although we are aware that this news will have great effect on your shipping cost, we do trust we have informed you sufficiently.