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Hey Dear Gizaw Cars Export,
I have received my Mercedes 140 in Freetown.
Words can't express how much i appreciate this. I am so overwhelmed. Can't wait to say thank you in person.
Lot's of love and may God add more to your pocket. You are such a wonderful person, and i will never forget you in a hurry.
Love you, Nette!



Hawanette Abubakarr


Freetown, Sierra Leone

I ordered Opel Astra Diesel. It arrived safely just about 16 days at Tema Port. Thanks for your business.

Eric Godson


I really wanted to buy a car and ship to my country of birth Sierra Leone. However I was always reserved about making online order for car. I then planned to travel and see the business place in germany.

Gizaw cars sent a driver to Airport who came to get me at Frankfurt airport. I then visited the garage where cars are parked. It has been a great experience to meet with the staff. I bought the car and made sure everything works fine.
I could have ordered onilne, but this gave me assurance for future business so I do not have to travel every time. Thanks to Gizaw cars in Germany

Maria Ashley


we ordered a cargo van for our business. I did order by mail because I could not fill the online form. After that i made several phone calls to agree about the transaction. Eventhough my wife insisted
i should travel to Germany, I had the courage to order directly from Gizaw Auto export because i have been already recommened that they ship cars to Ethiopia. I waited for 3 weeks and teh car arrived
at Addis and the Agent cleared for me. I couldnt wait to drive the car...what a joy to realize it was possible to get my dream van which makes our job easier. I have saved much by importing directly.

Tesfaye Gurmu


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